Maya Graces “Guitar Thrills” Magazine Cover With 12-Page Feature And Exclusive Interview

Maya had a wonderful 12-page editorial feature in Guitar Thrills Magazine along with gracing its cover where she shared lots of wise words and experience from the journey.

Genuine individuals are also sincere, and honest. They are real, and are of more value than gold. However, some may believe that this gift exposes them, or makes them vulnerable. I liken a genuine person to having a heightened sense of awareness. They have the need to be considerate, respectful, and compassionate. Traits that are not often experienced in the music industry. You possess these qualities without vulnerability. Remember, you have a heightened sense of what is happening around you. This contributes to what you know, and how to respond accordingly.

To be genuine and sincere, can be rewarding and build confidence. It gives reassurance, that “good things” can come from being genuine. Yes, this requires trust as well. Which is not easy, nor should it be given freely. You could say that could say vulnerability is a life course leading to hurt and aguish. However, establishing expectations of what could happen will enable you to become stronger. Based upon my experience, allowing yourself to become vulnerable is an easy way to open yourself up for disappointment. The application of this topic can be used to improve your relationships with all sorts of people. Especially to those that you work with in the music industry.

I admire someone that is genuine and is ready to be considered vulnerable. Especially in an industry filled with sharks. Despite the warning signs. Honestly, you can’t move about the industry, without seeing the warnings. “Don’t swim with the sharks”, “No wake zone”, “No lifeguard on duty”, etc.”. All of the signs are visible. However, your design to be genuine in all things, out ways the possible danger. Remember though, you have a heightened sense of awareness of what is going on. You know the sharks exist, but you approach with extreme caution. Taking nothing for granted.

If you know my style of writing by now, I really like to dive into anything related to the music industry. Good, bad or indifferent. If it’s a topic, that can be applied, I will jump all over it. I think there is an advantage to living life “vicariously”. This is not a word that is used every day. You can define it as experiencing life in the imagination or actions of another person. So, you can live with presumed vulnerabilities, but not having to experience the pain that “can” goes with it.

In this interview we can experience the genuineness and sincerity of our guest Maya Azucena.

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