About I Am Enough Song & Video


“Simply put, I AM ENOUGH is a dedication to my ancestors, their legacy, and all those that tried to stop us.”- Maya Azucena

While Maya Azucena’s new I AM ENOUGH song resonates literally from an American history perspective, and aims to celebrate the undermined, under-recognized contributions of her Americanancestors and unsung heroes of Today, the message also reflects a universal story of overcoming self-doubt and burden of doubt from others, to step into a fully-accepted, empowered version of ourselves.

I AM ENOUGH is the advance single of Azucena’s 6-song EP by the same name, produced by Timo Ellis, a 4th full-length offering by longstanding indie artist Maya Azucena.

I AM ENOUGH is a tune which incorporates the rock background of producer, multi-instrumentalist Timo Ellis (Mark Ronson, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Cibo Matto and Joan As Policewoman) with Azucena’s love and knowledge of black spiritual and funk music. This is an artist who grew up listening to Mahalia Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind and Fire, and whose diverse influences come through powerfully here.

With a big drum backbeat, laced with Timo’s Blues-Rock guitar, Maya’s soaring vocal announces, “I cut my self, it was not enough/blood flows, it is not enough/with my back I break ground, build the nation around/it is not enough not enough not enough not enough…” The tension of the song intro progresses to a warm release with lyrics, “I won’t ask you, I’m already enough/You don’t have to approve, I’m already enough/I’m here to live my life, try living it without strife/ yes I am enough I am enough I am enough I am enough….”

Maya states, “I think many people, from many life experiences, will find themselves in the message of this song.”

I AM ENOUGH, The Song, is slated for release simultaneously with The Video, directed by Award-winning Photographer-Director Robert Adam Mayer aka “Photo Rob.” It compliments the spirit of Maya’s words by featuring living portraits of “Real Americans” who represent icons of America’s often unsung heroes. Using a style inspired by Photographer-legends like Irving Penn and Annie Liebowitz, Photo Rob captures the elegance, beauty, wisdom and pride of the subjects.

Azucena is proud to feature the following leaders, influencers, and life-savers in her music video:

Múkaro Borrero
Indigenous & Human Rights Activist
Sanctioned Chief of Guaínia Taíno Tribe

Guaínia Taíno Tribe Member
& Nurse

Camille Leary
Michelle Audain
Emily Anthonisen
Marsha Steadman-Wright
Registered Nurses

Robert Cottingham, Sr
Decorated Korean War Veteran, 1950

Kira Minott, 19
Graffiti Artist

Angie Minott, 21
Fine Artist

Sister Bisi Ideraabdullah
Educator, Organizer, Activist
+ Founder of Imani House, Inc
(Brooklyn+ West Africa)

James Hamill
Remediation Technician

According to Maya, “My hope is that others find themselves represented in my songs and feel affirmed and inspired.”

Maya Azucena’s I AM ENOUGH, The Song and The Video, will premier internationally on all digital platforms through her indie label, Azucena Songs (Empire Distribution),Friday September 23rd.