December 10th 2022, Maya Performs In Paris

Maya performed her latest EP songs during her very first visit to Bizz’Art, on Saturday December 10, accompanied by the high-flying crew “Black Card” and its musical director Isma Hill. Here are some magic moments that happened thanks to the Black Card Band and performers Blue Nerfertiti and John Mitko. Thank you again Bizz’Art Club for hosting my show! MERCI BEAU’ COUP!

November 2022 – Maya Gives Talks At Central Texas College & Brooklyn Music School

Maya was a guest speaker for Psychology students of Central Texas College, to talk about “I AM ENOUGH”. Thanks to Professor Tiffani Michelle Mapp for hosting this event!

Maya also did a talk on “Making it as an International Indie Artist.” She included storytelling about her journey, some singing, and of course, some philosophizing. Thanks to Brooklyn Music School for hosting this event and to Girl Be Heard for your inspiring & healing work with Girls & survivors!

November 19th, 2022 “I Am Enough” Official Screening Party At World Renowned, Nuyorican Poets Cafe (Nyc), Co-Hosted With Indigenous Leader Múkaro Borrero

This amazingly inspiring night featured the official Screening of Maya Azucena’s “I Am Enough” music video, directed by Award-winning photographer-director Robert Adam Mayer aka “Photo Rob” as well as a live Performance by Maya Azucena, Múkaro Borrero, and Open Floor Discussion: Feeling “I Am Enough” in Today’s world, including Kasike Múkaro Borrero (Indigenous Activist and Gainía Taíno leader), and Sister Bisi Ideraabdullah (Community Leader, Founder of Imani House -Liberia & Brooklyn). There were also some surprise memorable performances by Honey Larochelle and Vanessa Hidary.


Maya continues to be a ‘true inspiration’ on “I AM ENOUGH”, her new EP featuring six powerful anthems.

The singer has been busy performing worldwide lately but she didn’t forget her engagement and passion to deliver important messages with her own music. After months of teasing, Maya is back with “I AM ENOUGH” the EP released on October 21st. It stands as a passionate, eloquent, and infectiously joyous affirmation of self-worth and acceptance. It also serves as a refutation of anybody, or anything seeking to devalue people or break their spirits. Aware that the message will be lost if the music is not good, Maya worked hard with very talented people from different backgrounds around this new EP, including Timo Ellis and Robert Adam Mayer. In a world where people are constantly besieged with circumstances that degrade them, the inspirational and life-giving anthems heard on “I Am Enough” capture the fierce urgency of the moment.

Maya Azucena released an outstanding music video for the title track ‘I Am Enough’ featuring living portraits of “Real Americans” who represent icons of America’s often unsung heroes. Elaborating further on this track, Maya Azucena says: “Simply put, I AM ENOUGH is a dedication to my ancestors, their legacy, and all those that tried to stop us. I think many people, from many life experiences, will find themselves in the message of this song.”