September 23, 2022 “I Am Enough” Video Premiere Live Chat Co-Hosted By Award-Winning Director “Photo Rob”

More than a song and video, Maya created and curated a movement of empowerment where we shed self doubt and stand in our power in knowing we are enough. Maya was joined by Award-winning Photographer-Director Robert Adam Mayer aka “Photo Rob.” Also included in this feature, Múkaro, Indigenous & Human Rights Activist and Sanctioned Chief of Guaínia Taíno Tribe and also Kalichi’Naru, a Guaínia Taíno Tribe Member & Nurse. The music video also features a number of truly inspiring individuals including Sister Bisi, founder of Imani House Inc. and Robert Cottingham Sr, 93-year old Korean War Veteran.

While Maya Azucena’s I AM ENOUGH song resonates literally from an American history perspective and aims to celebrate the undermined, under-recognized contributions of her American ancestors and unsung heroes of today, the message also reflects a universal story of overcoming self-doubt and burden of doubt from others, to step into a fully-accepted, empowered version of ourselves.

May 2022, Maya Interview In Daily Sabah, Cover Of Arts Section

With her refreshing yet calming style, singer Maya Azucena performs a setlist featuring pop, reggae and soul classics along with some rap tracks and a few Turkish numbers on Istanbul’s stages. Here is a sincere interview with the warm-spirited vocalist who divulges details about her life and music

Certain songs have the ability to entrance us, giving us goosebumps and taking us on a journey beyond time. The intensity of emotion is at its highest level at such moments. If that song touches our hearts as much as it appeals to our ears, it encourages us to think, act and heal. As German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said: “This is why the effect of music is stronger than other arts, that is why it penetrates you. Because at most they speak of the shadow, whereas the music speaks of the essence.”

Read full story here.

Best Lead Actress Nominee “Cross That River”

Maya Azucena has been nominated as Best Leading Actress in a Musical by AUDELCO for her roles in Off-Broadway Musical Cross That River. The AUDELCO Awards, also known as the Vivian Robinson AUDELCO Awards, recognize excellence in Black Theater. The AUDELCOs are the only awards that honor Black Theater and they are cherished. Other nominations for “Cross That River: A Tale of the Black West,” produced by Love Productions, Records, Inc., include Best Musical; Regge Life, Director of a Musical; Alan Harris, Lead Actor in a Musical.

Published Writer, Ariel Hyatt’s “Ultimate Guide To Music Publicity”

Maya Azucena is now a published author having contributed a chapter based on her own journey as an international recording artist to the new book from “PR Pro” Ariel Hyatt, called “The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity”. The book breaks down everything you need to know to master an effective and well rounded communication strategy for your music. It features indispensable advice from a wide swath of music industry luminaries including veteran music publicists, bio writers, editors, playlisters, and podcasters, who generously contributed their tips from both sides of the desk.” Maya’s chapter explores how to use international relationships & marketing to grow an independent artist career.

HBO Soundtrack “Gonna Be Alright”

If you watch the brilliant documentary, The Bronx, USA on HBO, you may recognize a familiar voice at the end of the film: Maya Azucena’s song, “Gonna Be Alright”. 
About the film, “Revisiting the streets, stores and memories of his childhood, (producer) George Shapiro reflects on the singularity of the borough he grew up in and the close friendships he made there that have stood the test of time. The Bronx, USA is a funny, heartwarming and insightful celebration of what connects us across racial backgrounds, cultures and generations, ultimately emphasizing the hope that exists for the future of America.”

New Music “Changed My Mind (Anthony Nicholson Remix)”

Chicago’s DJ Anthony Nicholson & Maya Azucena united to create a masterful house remix to one of Maya’s soulful songs, “Changed My Mind”, originally released on her critically acclaimed “Cry Love” album. The remix is available everywhere now on streaming platforms accompanied by a spirited video of Maya dancing on a beach with her signature smile, which you can watch here.

New Music “You Matter”

“You Matter” is a song born out of sadness, frustration and helplessness to help others transform those emotions into hope, healing, and empowerment. This soulful groove with bright horns inspired by New Orleans R&B is motivational, danceable, catchy, and an anthem that celebrates historic beauty and light. “It’s a song that I feel expresses my own soul and joins with millions around the world who may be seeking a song to shout out their inner power.” – Maya Azucena. 
You can stream “You Matter” now on all digital platforms and watch the video here.

Cross Continental Duet “Two Sides”

“Two Sides” is an emotional and inspiring duet composed across three continents by Maya Azucena and OAD. The song is based around two rousing voices, acoustic guitars, warm keyboard layers and sincere, personal lyrics. The story reminds us of the connectedness of humankind despite the labels and the wars we find ourselves in the middle of. 
“We live in a world that tells us we are divided into sides. Often, the sides are chosen for us and don’t reflect choice or even the state of our heart,” says Maya. You can stream the song now on all digital platforms and watch the video here.